Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hi every one!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Bunna Lee. The purpose that I created it to let all of us can have chance to join to help vulnerable people, exspecially children and women. As we know most of them in Cambodia are easy to face with many dangerous. So in order to reduce their difficulties I would like all of you to join with me to assist them to continue their lives or have better lives.
You can offer them with whatsoever you are able to; even though clothes, food or with finance. all of these will be helpful for them.
You can go to help them directly or through me. If you want go to see their situations please contact me; I can guide for you. But if you are busy and want to help them through me please contact me I will manage my time to go to them. You will not worry about losing your fund because I will send the bill to you or take pictures.
In addition, you can help them in the way you want to. I am here to guide or assist you.
Please contact me by:
Tel : (855)92 83 99 36